Animesh Pattoo

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

Hi, I’m Animesh, a Financial Security Advisor that specializes in individual life, and accident and sickness insurance. I am also an investment representative and recommend both mutual funds and annuity solutions.

I'm here to help my clients build financial security plans and address risks that could compromise their financial well-being. I work at the firm Freedom 55 Financial, a division of The Canada Life Assurance Company.

Our firm has been proudly serving Canadians’ wealth management and insurance needs since 1847, and today serves over 13 million individuals while maintaining $482 Billion of assets under its management.

With my firm's impressive resources and experience, you can rest assured that there's no shortage of expertise when it comes to your financial planning.

As your advisor, the planning process I take you through involves a few key steps: To begin, we have an introductory meeting to understand your current situation and discover risks to your financial security. With the information and data I find, I will be able to build a preliminary blueprint for your financial security needs.

In subsequent meetings, we will sit down to build a financial plan tailored to your unique situation. If it is planning for retirement, handling the financial risks to your children and family’s future, or managing your estate, I offer guidance and expertise.

After implementing your plan, we regularly review/follow-up to make sure you're on track to achieving your goals.

These follow-up meetings are critical, as I will update your plan to meet your evolving situation. My goal is to ultimately create long-lasting financial prosperity in your life and in the lives of all my clients.

All consultations are free during the planning process as we find the best solution for you and your future.

A list of my services:

● Individual Life, Disability and Critical Illness Insurance Recommendations

● Wealth & Portfolio Management

● Retirement Plans and Estate Protection

● My team, and the expertise of my firm: Freedom 55 Financial

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