You may be eligible for four months of free term insurance*. Talk to me to learn how.

Why term life insurance?

It’s temporary coverage that lasts for a set period and, in most cases, automatically renews. There are a range of term products available to suit your needs. With term life insurance, the payments you make, called premiums, are set at an initial low cost that won’t change during the length of your term.
Which longer term life insurance option is best for you?

Deciding what term length works best for you depends on your personal situation and your stage of life. Consider your age, income, debts and family structure. Think about; if you have a mortgage or kids, how much and what kind of debt you are carrying, if you’re worried about providing for your family after you die, how soon you’re planning to retire, how much you can afford to spend on monthly insurance payments.

Term 10

Term 20

Term 30

Term to age 65

You want a low-cost insurance policy Mortgage coverage, line of credit and other long-term debts
You only have a few years remaining on your mortgage Want to provide protection for your children until they’re financially stable
Your kids still aren’t financially independent If you want to keep your payments lower Financial protection for your loved ones until you’re close to retirement (many young married couples). Payments that stay the same throughout your working life
You want to lock in your insurability while you’re still young and healthy If you still have debt Your partner relies on your income and wants to be covered near or at retirement while building a financial cushion Coverage that lasts until you retire
You need flexibility with conversion options to extend your coverage or convert to a more permanent policy Looking to retire or close to retiring in the next 20 years    


Four free months of term life insurance*
Right now, Canada Life has a special introductory offer that is making longer duration term life insurance even more affordable. Clients who submit new term 20, term 30 and term to age 65 insurance applications can enjoy four months of waived premium* on us. For a new policy to qualify, applications must be received between Sept. 1 and Mar. 1, 2021 (inclusive).
* In B.C., the offer is capped at three free months.

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Cody Vass

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

While mostly all bankers or advisors only care about what, and how much you have; I care about you, your family and your future. I am a Financial Security Advisor utilizing a holistic approach to financial planning with a committed client focus. Based out of the Fraser Valley, with clients all over British Columbia. I work with clients to help them achieve their financial security goals and dreams. Together, we will create a personalized financial security plan that is designed to withstand loss during life’s uncontrollable events and ensure you meet your goals, regardless of what life throws at you.

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