Eight easy ways to be more physically active at work

Freedom 55 Financial - Oct 15, 2020
Like many Canadians, you may work in an office, spending much of your day seated at a desk, making it a challenge to fit in physical activity. What can you do?
Woman doing yoga in front of laptop

Like many Canadians, you may work in an office, spending much of your day seated at a desk, making it a challenge to fit in physical activity.
What can you do? You could join a gym or take up an activity such as running. But you can also fit physical activity into your workday. The best part? None of these activities require extra equipment or a gym fee.

1. Take the stairs whenever possible.

Try to take the stairs whenever possible. If you live or work on a high floor in a tall building, work your way up to taking every flight of stairs to your floor.

2. Take a short break every hour.

Set a timer to remind you to stand up and move for a few minutes every hour. You could take a brisk walk around your work area, refill your water bottle or do some stretches at your desk.Just stand up and let your entire body, including your eyes, take a break from your screen and chair.

3. Go the distance.

Build in extra steps by choosing the farthest option whenever possible. Need to fill your water bottle? Go to the faucet farthest away from your desk. Visit a washroom on a different floor (take the stairs). Take the exit that’s farthest from your desk.

4. Move your meetings.

If you have a short meeting with one or two others, why not make it a walk and talk? If no equipment is needed, take a walk around the office or around the block instead of booking a meeting room. Stuck inside? Why not try a standing meeting?

5. Check your posture.

Good posture makes it easier to breath and can help maintain your core muscles. Set a timer to remind you to check your posture at your desk. You might find that you start to slump throughout the day. When you stand up from your desk, take a moment to check that you’re standing as straight as you can.

6. Join or start a walking club.

Get to know your coworkers and the neighbourhood you work in with a walking club. If your office doesn’t have a walking club, find out if you can set one up. It can be a casual stroll at lunch hour. Or you can challenge yourself by tracking your distance and setting goals.

7. Get assessed.

If your workplace offers an ergonomic assessment, set one up. Making sure you have the most comfortable and safest work set-up will help keep you able to fit physical activity into your day. If your back hurts because your chair isn’t right for you, you won’t want to do things like take the stairs.

8. Turn your desk into a gym.

If you feel comfortable working out at your desk, it’s a great way to sneak in extra activity during your day. Do some push-ups against your desk or push through a few squats. There are many resources online for exercises you can do from your office chair. Fitting physical fitness into your day doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time. It can be the same with your financial plan. Give me a call today and we can talk about simple steps you can take to achieve your financial goals.


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