What does a financial security advisor do?

Jordan Lomonaco - Aug 24, 2020

I often get asked in social situations what I do for work. It's a very common question to, and it's a useful ice breaker when meeting someone new, catching up with an old friend or visiting family you haven't seen in a little while. I love getting this question, because I love talking about all the ways I help people.

Building a financial security plan is a lot like building a house. You need to start with a solid foundation. The foundation of any financial security plan is a proper risk mitigation strategy, which factors in uncontrollable events such as job loss, disability, death or any financial emergencies that may arise.

Once the foundation in place, we need to put up the walls and roof. These are the controllable events we can plan for in our life -- debt elimination, retirement planning, business opportunities, home or property ownership and much more. Each situation has its own unique opportunities and challenges which lend itself to a lot of planning opportunities.

Finally, a house needs to be filled with appliances, furniture and decorations. These are the growth opportunities, such as real estate and speculative investing, business growth and planning your legacy.

I work hard to provide a holistic approach to everyone situation, that's the value I offer each of my clients. Thanks for reading!