These interactive tools are a great way to see a snapshot of what your financial plan can mean to you. You may want to use a few different interest rates in your calculations to help you understand how results might vary. 

Compound interest calculator

See how much the money you’ve saved could be worth in the future. 

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Savings calculator

If you have a savings goal in mind, this calculator shows how much you need to save every month. 

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Retirement savings calculator

Not sure how much you should contribute to your retirement savings? See how much you could save by the time you're ready to retire. 

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Deciding to withdraw from a savings or retirement plan?

Making an early withdrawal from your retirement and savings plan might seem smart now but see how much that decision could cost you in the long run.

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Deciding whether to pay off your debt or invest the extra cash?

Using extra cash to pay off high-interest debt is always wise. But why not compare the amount you'll save in interest with the return you could expect by investing it?

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