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Born and raised in North Vancouver, BC. I grew up playing as many sports as possible, until my passion for hockey took over. Through hockey I was fortunate enough to play all over the world while receiving a profound education, as well as create life lasting friendships. In 2015 I graduated from the Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University, electing to double major in Marketing & International Business. As an advisor, I am experienced in providing wealth and estate planning strategies for individuals, families and business owners wanting to simplify their financial affairs and enhance their current and future lifestyle. I help my clients create complete financial security plans that include retirement planning, investment planning, income protection and financial security in the event of death. When I’m not working with my clients, I enjoy spending time with my family, playing hockey and golf, and helping coach & develop minor hockey players.


Registered education savings plans (RESPs) offer an effective way to maximize the money available to your children or grandchildren when they enrol in a full-time post-secondary program. And anyone – parents, grandparents, other family members and friends – can open an RESP for a child. As the cost of post-secondary education continues to rise, it’s becoming even more important to start saving early for their future education.

Disability insurance

Protect your paycheque


Disability insurance works when you can't. It can give you tax-free monthly income to help pay expenses if an illness or accident stops you from working.

  • Monthly income. Payments replace part of your paycheque each month.
  • Guaranteed rates for your coverage until age 65.
  • Personalized. Customize your plan to suite your personal needs.

What is disability insurance?

It can give you a tax-free monthly payment to help replace your income and cover your expenses if an illness or injury keeps you from working.


While a disability can often be visible to hte naked ee, not all disabilities are so easily recognized. Chronic pain or a mental health issue can also qualify as a disability.

Protect your paycheque

Disability insurance works when you can’t. It can give you tax-free monthly income to help pay expenses if an illness or accident stops you from working. Not all disabilities are so easily recognized. Chronic pain or a mental health issue can also qualify as a disability. 

Why go global – Canada Life

Learn how adding global funds to your portfolio can help you truly diversify your investments.


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Description: Text: “Why Global?” appears. The camera pans over and travels across the Canadian landscape from coast to coast.

Narrator: When it comes to investing, Canadians love their home and native land.

Description: A maple leaf graphic comes into frame and the camera follows it upwards. A pie chart appears around the leaf and text appears beside it: “90% of the average Canadian’s assets are invested in Canada alone.*” Legal line appears: “*Source: Investor Economics Household Balance Sheet Report 2018”.

Narrator: So much so that 90% of the average Canadian’s assets are invested in Canada alone.*

Description: The text and pie chart disappear. The leaf graphic grows and attaches to a figure while it waves back and forth.

Narrator: And while it may seem patriotic to support local and domestic business.

Description: Two graphics appear representing local and domestic business. The camera pans down to show three lines, representing personal, Canadian, and global equity. A coin rolls along the personal line, falling off when the line takes a downturn.

Narrator: If the Canadian economy takes a downturn, this historical bias towards Canadian equities means your investments are vulnerable to “at-home” risk.

Description: The camera pans up to show a graphic of North America on a globe and large graphic text: “Less than 3%”.

Narrator: Canada makes up less than 3% of the world’s financial market.*

Description: The large graphic text changes to “97%” as the globe switches to a view of Europe and Asia.

Narrator: So if you’re only investing in Canada, you’re missing out on 97% of the world’s investment opportunities.

Description: The camera pans down to show a world map. Location pins appear across the map.

Narrator: Investors are shifting focus to global equities for potentially better returns.

Description: The map fades away and the camera pans across three global locations as the country names appear: “United Kingdom”, “Netherlands”, “Japan.”

Narrator: To help you diversify, Canada Life now offers more global funds from some of the world’s largest investment managers.

Description: Cut to four goals with corresponding graphics, “Travel”, “Education”, “New Home”, “Retirement”. The New home graphic grows as the others disappear and a pie chart appears around it.

Narrator: Whatever the goal is, we have a fund to help you get there.

Description: The camera pans up to a globe surrounded by six graphics representing diverse portfolio investments.

Narrator: Find out how you could achieve true diversification by exposing your portfolio to a world of opportunity.

Description: Text: “To learn more, reach out to your Products Service Centre partner.”

Narrator: To learn more, reach out to your Product Solutions Centre partner.

Description: Canada Life logo and legal lines appear: Canada Life and design are trademarks of the Canada Life Assurance Company. 1-800-957-9777.

Participating life insurance

Participating life insurance, also called whole life insurance, provides lifelong insurance coverage with an opportunity for a tax-advantaged cash value component (a guaranteed amount of money that grows inside the policy) and death benefit growth.

These policies give you the opportunity to earn policyowner dividends which can be used to purchase additional insurance coverage or reduce your annual premium payments. Dividends when credited to the policy have a cash value. You can withdraw cash from these policies or borrow against the policy’s cash value.


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