Lawn care tips to help you save money while saving the environment

Canada Life - Jul 07, 2020
Lawncare can be expensive. But if you follow these seven tips you can keep your lawn green and save money
Father and son mowing the lawn

Also, many traditional lawncare tools, such as herbicides, can be hard on the environment. But if you follow these seven tips you can keep your lawn green and save money.

1) Get a rain barrel

Instead of using water from your outdoor tap to water your lawn, invest in a rain barrel. In a rainstorm with 25 mm of rainfall, as much as 2000 litres of water can run off your roof. Imagine how much you could save on your water bill if you captured even a few litres of that.

2) Use safe weed killers

Did you know you can make your own weed killer with vinegar? Mix a gallon of vinegar

with a cup of salt and one tablespoon of soap. You can spray this on troublesome weeds. Or, you can get some exercise in and dig out your weeds with garden tools.

3) Water your grass and flowers at the right time

The time of day you water your grass and flowers can make a big difference. When you water your grass and flowers first thing in the morning, less of the water evaporates and more gets to the roots. Make sure you’re only watering the bottoms of your flowers. The leaves and blossoms don’t need water.

4) Mow less often

Water evaporates more quickly from very short grass. Let your lawn grow a little longer and you can save on water. As well, if you mow when your grass is dry, you can simply leave the grass clippings in place. This will also help shade your grass, further keeping your lawn hydrated.

5) Grow native plants

The upfront cost of native plants may be higher, but in the long-term, they could save you money. By growing plants that are best suited to your environment, you won’t need to spend as much money and effort on keeping your plants alive. And if you choose perennials (plants that live for more than two years), you won’t need to replant in the spring.

6) Get a reel mower

If you have a small lawn, consider getting a reel mower. The only power a reel mower needs is your strength. You’ll be saving money on gas or electricity and you’ll even be getting a little extra exercise in while keeping your lawn looking good.

7) Compost your kitchen scraps

You can turn your kitchen scraps into compost to fertilize your lawn and garden. Composting your kitchen waste is part of avoiding food waste and can help you get more out of your grocery budget. You can compost things such as fruits and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds and eggshells. You can also add any grass and plant clippings, dry leaves and shredded newspapers. To avoid animal pests, don’t compost meat, bones or dairy products. You can pick up a compost bin from your local hardware store. Within a year, you should have compost you can add to your garden to feed your plants. With a little extra effort, you can keep your lawn and garden looking great while being environmentally friendly. You can also save a little money too, helping you achieve your financial goals.

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