Samantha Belanger

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

As a mother of two, with an extended family with special needs, my personal and professional focuses are the same.

I am passionate and have a genuine desire in helping individuals and their families with their financial planning much like my own family. I relate to my clients in wanting to make sure our loved ones are taken care of when it comes to their goals like our children attending college or university, buying a home and retiring comfortably for example. A big part of that planning is ensuring that if something were to happen, we have plans in place that will not place financial burdens on those we leave behind. I share in wanting to give the next generation a head start and enjoy educating my clients on how to generate wealth and preserve insurability through insurance planning.

I am ready to work with you to help you meet your personal and your family's financial security goals. I get to know my clients, their goals, values and what's important to them to make client relationships meaningful.


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