Il n´y a pas d´événement pour montrer

Il n´y a pas d´événement pour montrer

Denon Kanagarajoo

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

Hi, I’m Denon! Thank you for visiting my website, here is a little bit about me. I moved to Toronto when I was 6 years old and have spent the last 27 years exploring this growing city. I attended York University where I honed the ability to think critically and completed my BSc in Biology which I developed a passion for the environment and the sciences. As I was wrapping up my degree, the financial crisis was taking place and decided to learn more about finances and the markets, so I became hired at a retail bank branch in Toronto’s financial district.


As I started working in retail banking, I was quickly promoted several times into more senior roles. I worked as a customer service representative, bank financial advisor, equities & options trader and district sales leader where I coached financial advisors to grow their practice throughout Canada.


I had always been intrigued by entrepreneurship and startups and after doing some soul searching, I decided I would leave my comfortable salaried life to start my own business. I spent a few years growing several businesses in multimedia and digital marketing. I ultimately decided that I needed to start my financial planning practice because I identified a need to help small business owners, self-employed and licensed professionals make better financial decisions leveraging my unique experiences and knowledge. 

On a personal note, I enjoy watching documentaries, especially history, world events, civilization, environmental sciences and everything space-related. I am a seeker of knowledge, thrive in complex environments and enjoy the outdoors. 

If you would like to chat with me about your personal and financial goals, please feel free to schedule some time. 

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