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Simple and affordable coverage for big expenses, so you’re protected when it matters most.


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Narrator: We all have someone or something worth protecting.

Description: Amira stands outside with her husband and daughter.

Narrator: A family, a home, a business.

Description: Three graphics enter frame illustrating a family of three, single-story home and small business.

Narrator: At Canada Life, we offer term life insurance for 10, 20 or 30 years or until you turn 65.

Description: Cut to bar graph displaying age from 25 to 65. A bar for “Term 10” appears to show coverage from age 25 to 35. Bars for “Term 20” from age 25 to 45, “Term 30” from 25 to 55 and “Term 65” from 25 to 65 follow.

Narrator: An advisor can help you choose the timeframe that works for you.

Description: Amira’s hand enters frame and chooses “Term 10.”

Narrator: Figure out how much insurance you need.

Description: An outline of a circle appears to show the coverage amount. The amount increases to $650,000 as the circle fills in.

Narrator: And set up monthly or annual payments.

Description: Cut to two buttons labelled “Monthly” and “Annual.” Amira’s hand enters frame and chooses “Monthly.”

Narrator: Either way, your payments will stay the same over the entire coverage term for easy budgeting.*

Description: Cut to Amira outside, sitting on the porch of her home, looking at her phone. She receives a notification from her phone that her insurance payment has been made. A legal line appears: *Payments stay the same as long as you make required insurance payments.

Narrator: If the unexpected happens, term insurance can be used to pay debts,

Description: Cut to Amira’s hand passing an envelope to her husband.

Narrator: like a mortgage.

Description: A graphic enters the frame illustrating the cost of a single-story home.

Narrator: It can cover final expenses or help fund a child’s education.

Description: Two more graphics follow, illustrating a bill for final expenses and stack of books for child’s education.

Narrator: It can even help keep a business running.

Description: One last graphic is added to illustrate a small business.

Narrator: If your needs change, you can renew or extend your existing term coverage.

Description: Cut back to bar graph displaying age. A bar for “Term 10” returns, showing coverage from age 25 to 35. “Term 20” is added to extend coverage to age 55.

Narrator: or convert it to a permanent insurance policy.

Description: The bar transforms to “Permanent,” showing coverage from age 25 to 65.

Narrator: Term life insurance helps you protect what matters most today.

Description: Amira plays with her daughter in their living room, while her husband reads a book.

Narrator: Don’t have an advisor? We can help at

Description: Text “Don’t have an advisor? We can help at” appears with Canada Life logo and legal line: Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. 1-888-252-1847

Protect what's most important: Katherine's story – Canada Life

When Katherine experienced a life changing illness, family and her recovery were top of mind. This meant not letting things like financial obligations get in her way.


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Description: Sad, slow music begins to play in the background on a black screen.

Description: A woman appears sitting on a chair in a living room beside a table with a vase of flowers. She looks to the right of the camera and begins to speak.

Katherine: I think as humans we always think it's not going to happen to us. We always think it's going to be the next person. We just, I guess, especially when you're younger, you feel invincible. You just feel it's not going to affect you. It's not going to happen to you.

Description: A white box appears screen right of Katherine with red text. The text reads, Katherine, self-employed mother of two.

Description: The white box disappears.

Description: The screen becomes grey and blurred. A white box appears screen right. The text reads, in May 2015, Katherine was diagnosed with Langerhans cell sarcoma. The red text disappears, and more red text appears that reads, 60 known cases worldwide, zero specialists worldwide, 25% survival rate.

Katherine: As we broke this news to various people around us, the people that were, I guess in my husband's world,

Description: The box disappears and Katherine reappears to the right of the camera.

Katherine: which is the medical community, they understood immediately the implications. So they would immediately come and give me a hug. I knew that wasn't good.

Description: The screen becomes grey and blurred again. A white box appears screen right. The text reads, Katherine visited doctors familiar with her illness in Boston and California for treatment options.

Katherine: Every time I would be sitting in the waiting room waiting for my radiation treatment,

Description: The box disappears and Katherine reappears to the right of the camera.

Katherine: I would look at who was sitting around me, and I could see that there were people who were struggling like me with these health issues, but they had other struggles as well. They had to figure out how their rent was going to be paid. They were in a state where they could not go to work, but how could they make their financial commitments?

Description: The screen becomes grey and blurred again. A white box appears screen right. The text reads, in her 30s, Katherine purchased critical illness insurance for her family.

Katherine: This critical illness insurance made the whole.

Description: The box disappears and Katherine reappears to the right of the camera.

Katherine: process of recovery just a lot smoother, a lot easier. By removing the financial element out, by it being able to take care of that financial element, we could just focus on the whole healing, on the whole finding the treatment plan, going through the treatment, all of that, and just getting better.

Description: The screen becomes grey and blurred again. A white box appears screen right. The text reads, Katherine’s cancer is currently under control and doctors continue to monitor her progress.

Description: Katherine: I can't believe that.

Description: The box disappears and Katherine reappears to the right of the camera.

Katherine: It almost seems like it never happened. It was so intense while it was happening. Now that it's over with, it just seems like it was another lifetime away.

Description: The video changes to Katherine walking with her two children on the sidewalk with snow on the ground.

Katherine: When it's about to all be gone, you certainly become aware of what's really most important to you.

Description: The video returns to Katherine.

Katherine: And, I still get mad at my kids and my husband, you know, but I think I'm a lot more patient with the people closest to me because you're just keenly aware that they may not always be there or you may not always be there. So, you know, just let go of the little insignificant things.

Description: The box disappears and Katherine reappears to the right of the camera.

Description: A white screen appears with red text that reads, protect what’s most important – your health and the ones you love. Talk to your advisor today. The Canada Life logo appears.

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