Evan Driedger, B.Comm.

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

As your financial security advisor, I want to be your advisor for the long run, establishing a lasting working relationship with you. Rather than being product focused, I take a holistic approach to your long-term financial outlook. I look for different financial instruments that help balance and maximize benefits to you. For example, together we’ll look at investments, debt and insurance solutions.

I believe that having a healthy relationship with money can have a positive impact on our community and society. Together, we’ll consider how a lifetime of cashflow will affect the things you care about most. To help you build that healthy relationship, I’ll share my knowledge and help you determine how a financial security plan can help fulfill your goals. I stay up to date on current events, particularly those that may impact your financial future, so my recommendations are based on the current environment.

I work with young professionals and young families with the understanding that any decisions we make together will have lasting implications for individuals and families. I also help clients with their retirement and estate planning.

When I’m not working, I keep active by playing tennis, hiking, camping and traveling. I also follow technology news, particularly stories about sustainable energy and space flight.

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